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We are a leading Digital Media Marketing agency specialising in Sport and Gaming. We help generate advertising revenue, on a global basis, for digital gaming and sports publishers.We consult with publishers to assess how they can further their digital commercial opportunities, be that sourcing video content, implementing native advertising or integrating high yielding ad units. We have a Social Media Marketing team who can help publishers attract more of the right audience to their sites and or apps.


Between us, we've notched up over 20 years of media experience working for companies including Condé Nast, The Independent, Digital Cinema Media and, in the past few years, heading up and commercialising a number of digital start ups. We started Whenever Media because we enjoy working with people, we’ve got good international contacts and we actually like talking to businesses about how we can help them grow – it's what we’re good at.


We look forward to chatting and working with you




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  • LinkedIn - White Circle
Jill Brook
Anca Vultur

Jill is a little bit obsessed with music and likes to spend time with Poppy her pug – if you listen carefully on calls you might hear her snoring in the background -Poppy, not Jill.

Anca is the resident tech nut and when not immersed in the latest gadgets and timesavers, enjoys watching grown men chase each other around a ring knocking seven bells out of each other, aka UFC.

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